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9/6/15 - Shortly after loading the car at Home Depot, it began to rainGot home safely, albeit loaded to the gillsAll that fit in Emily, my trusty Honda Element9/21/15 - Construction begins9/27/15 - big pieces in small quartersRain or shine, I was at it whenever I could be...10/4/15 - Migraines, work, and other Life events made for slow goingI made up the shelving as I went, deliberate in my randomness10/5/15 - Biscuit loved keeping me companyAnd as long as there were no big noises......he was fine, but as soon as the power tools came out, he wanted in10/12/15 - Progress was slow but satisfyingSo not perfect, but I knew I could clean it up in the end12/5/15 - Time for some indoor workDecided to turn my closet into a bed nookRequired much cleaning and prep12/7/15 - Going with colors from the 60s, I wanted it brightest in my nookThe tiles were a delightful cover-up for paint bleedBought a bazillion sample cans of paint for the details12/10/15 - For years this window has been blocked - the whole wall heated up the room