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Having been born in 1960, my spirit is forever bound to that era. In 2005, I turned my living room into a Tiki Lounge and, to this day, bask in its whimsy.

But my bedroom has always been sub-blah and about six months ago, I decided it was time to do something about that. Little did I know it would take almost five of those months to transform it into the haven these photos will reveal.

The glory, however, is in the details. Throughout the construction process, I was amassing pieces of times passed - many reminding me of my beloved grandmother. Oh how I shall delight in telling of their meanings when visitors come to see. And yet, it is for my own daily comfort that I poured all I am into the making of this sanctuary. I cherish the feeling of being loved it brings me.

I am so grateful I survived myself in the building of these units so I could have the joy I now feel from the entirety of it all. I hope you can get even a small sense of what I've made here and thank you for taking a look.


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