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My canvas. This double window will later be the portal to Catio Tiki. My cat-patio began here!Phase 1: cedar framing on which to mount the "cage". Sealed with siding caulk (no bugs sneaking in).Gathered these branches during walks with Biscuit...felt sure I could use them on this project!Stripped the bark off these with a hand-held planer. The end result was naturally beautiful.When I'm not using my table saw, Emily (my Element) and three kayaks live in this single-car garage.That's the roof of Catio Tiki leaning against Emily.After constructing each panel, I stapled chicken wire then topped it with screen.Having made the "blueprints" myself, I was adjusting as I went......which proved easier by setting up the panels before permanently joining them.There were times when it seemed like everything was fitting together perfectly, and other times......not so much (would later have to fill the gap the curve on this side panel would create).First signs of Tiki - bamboo left over from when I turned my living room into the Tike Lounge.The wood glue is an obvious necessity, but the weatherstrip/caulking cord was an absolute wonder!My Powershot staple gun was a real boon for holding things in position before nailing/screwing.This is actually the floor. After realizing my original concept wouldn't work, had to build a brace.My work hubby helped me hang the cage - ONLY thing I didn't do by myself.These are the "quadrants" I worked within after the cage was up. Killed my back crawling in and out.Filled the gap with cedar shims, siding caulk & wood glue (top left). I also attached support wire.Yep...tight quarters and a lot of wriggling...not the original concept but made it work.Like being in the best treehouse in all the land!