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Lake Parker is a 2,272-acre Fish Management Area in North Lakeland, and is the largest lake in the City of Lakeland. Receiving water from Lakes Mirror, Crago, Bonny, and Garden, Lake Parker outflows to Saddle Creek and the Peace River. A canal on the northwest shore connects to Lake Crago. Both offer good largemouth bass fishing, particularly during the winter and spring. During low water the canal can be tough to navigate, but the deepest points in Lake Parker itself are 10 feet. There are three boat ramps – a city ramp and park is located off Lake Parker Avenue on the west shore, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ramp off U.S. Route 92 on the south shore (Sertoma Park), and a county ramp on the east shore on Lake Parker Drive (this one was roped off at the time of this report). Bank fishing areas can be found at both parks.

Among the natural pleasures found on this large lake, Kissimmee grass, bulrush, and cattail are the predominant vegetation. Wildlife likely to be seen includes American Alligator (in great numbers), Snowy and American Egrets, Common and Purple Gallinule, Coots, Ibis and numerous varieties of ducks.

You don't need a kayak to see American Lotus Lilies at close range (but a kayak's view is still the best) – they grow in abundance along the shoreline of Lake Parker. Stop to admire the plants and you might get a display of their buoyancy as a Boat-tailed Grackle or other small bird strides across one of the pads as easily as if it were the hull of a boat.
Common Gallinule (a/k/a Moorhen)I was greeted at my take-out by a trio of ducklingsAfter scarfing down bread crumbs from a group of boaters, these babies just dropped for a napHad already put my tripod away, so I just set the camera on the cement - great perspective, eh?This Purple Gallinule was not even a little shy as it came near hoping for food