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(via Oak Haven River Retreat)
12143 Riverhills Drive
Tampa, FL 33617

Upper Hillsborough WMA consists of more than 5,000 acres on either side of the Hillsborough River in Polk and Pasco counties 2.5 miles east of Zephyrhills on CR 54. Most of the uplands are slash and longleaf pine flatwoods with an understory of palmetto and gallberry. Swamps are found along the river. Wildlife that make their home on the area include white-tailed deer, bobwhite quail, armadillo, gray squirrels, feral hogs, and a variety of birds. There are no bridges at Hillsborough River crossings and these areas will be wet or flooded. Horses are prohibited during hunting seasons and are permitted at other times with written permission from Southwest Florida Water Management District. Camping is permitted at designated campsites during hunting periods and at other times with written permission from the Southwest Florida Water Management District. There are no boat ramps on this area.
On the way back, "Lettuce Lake" lived up to its name...this area was thick with lake lettuce...Was snapping the bird when suddenly there was a splash...didn't know the 'gator was there...