Zenfolio | April L. Gustetter | MARCH 2011

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Click on "SADDLE CREEK PARK - Lakeland, Fla." above for details on this great venue.
Still one of my favorite venues, this yak trip found us exploring the east side of Saddle Creek Park – yellow circle marks the one passage allowing three full hours of leisurely paddling.First-time yakkers, Jason and Kim joined me for this gorgeous tour and we christened my new tandem.Wildlife was abundantly present, including this Great White Egret......and this grand creature, a harbinger of many to come.Took no time at all for them to master the fun of kayaking (position of the tongue is essential to proper balance).Splendid company in a setting of splendor.They're more afraid of us than we are of them...rarely will they let me get a close-up.Pointing at the moon – Josh was with us.On our way to the tiny opening that would lead us to the northern half of the east side of this beautiful park.Words up, Jason, words up!The varied textures of the scenery are a wonderful canvas.Grand cypress trees mottled the shores.Sometimes you just need to look up.And sometimes, it's what's below that's most impressive.The base of this cypress was easily eight feet wide.Taken for its range of colors, I feel compelled to explain that the center lightness is due to bird poop.Sights like this were all around us. It was a magnificent day to be in a kayak.Tried to get Kim to relax, but as you can see, she was a nervous wreck (not).Love the nooks and crannies in this park.Finding a pod of baby 'gators is the pinnacle of paddling pleasure for me...can you spot the seven little heads?