Zenfolio | April L. Gustetter | NOVEMBER 2009

17 photos
Click on "SADDLE CREEK PARK - Lakeland, Fla." above for details on this great venue.
Shortly into our tour, Dirk spied a photo-worthy subject......and then I spied one!Wildlife was a bit scarce, but we were able to spot this Tri-colored Heron.Paddled to the far west side of Saddle Creek & found an old railroad track I'd not seen here before.Love the variety of creatures offered by this venue!Had seen the cows here before, but never a bull!It was a picture-perfect day this Sunday......giving us a perfect view of this Little Blue and Great Blue Heron.Though more rare the farther north you go in Fla., Limpkins are a wonderfully common sight here!Taking advantage of the conditions, we decided to explore the east side of Saddle Creek......very different from the west side, this part of the tour had more remote environs.Dirk was up for the adventure from start to unknown finish!As the day warmed up, the turtles began to appear.Much natural architecture on Saddle Creek.Snapping the snapper!Don't know how, but I think these structures played a part in the lake's phosphate mining history.Just after gracing us with this long pose, this beauty curved toward me and made a fast escape!