Zenfolio | April L. Gustetter | FEBRUARY 2014

21 photos
Following through with a promise I made to myself, I put in at my neighborhood lake again this year (want to make it an annual venue - so worthy of the commitment). Truly glad I did. Splendid day on the water, full of naturally stunning sights and, except for a noisy boater I managed to shoo away, I was the lone human. The adventure ended with a splash and I lived to paddle another day.
Entering what I call Birdland.Couples Workshop.Besides capturing the fast-flapping bug, I love that I was able to snap the mating plumage draping over the leaves.Beauty and the Beast - the Great Egret is elegant while the Wood Stork is often considered "ugly". I find them equally magnificent.Try as I might, I was not able to get close to my beloved Roseate Spoonbill when it was in the open, so I was left with a number of distant shots and this seemingly haunting one.Near or far, I am enamored of these vibrant creatures, and the unique charms of my wooden-headed friends have also carved a special place in my heart.One of many massive nesting colonies in Lake Somerset, the barely greened limbs against the turquoise sky begged me to record it.This was the first of two large 'gators I'd have the genuine thrill of witnessing......and that it allowed me to get closer and closer......before it had enough of my presence......and began its descent into the safety of its watery domain......was an honor.Still early in the mating season, the rookery was pretty quiet and not nearly as populated as it will become in the next few months.Nonetheless, what I was able to see this early February day was glorious.Exquisite.It was a picture-perfect day, not a cloud in the sky, making for some really colorful snaps.Love me some pelicans.Summit Conference.That must have been some debate!My other enormous friend...I have such respect for these animals and find them to be utterly fascinating.