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I'm blessed to have a group of friends so special that I have nominated myself as the Peeps Party Planner...and this was our first outing. It was a wonderful inauguration and I look forward to many more soireés to come.
Jim covered the water-bound buddies (mostly ducks with the occasional White Swan drawing near)......while Kathy focused on the land lovelies (the geese were her favorites).There was no shortage of either! Notably, in the middle of the flock on the brick is a Brown Ibis (the one with bread in its mouth) - far more rare than the White Ibis (here in numbers).Sandy was a bit nervous amid the horde of feathered friends (including several Wood Storks) but faced her fears and threw her share of bread pieces......perhaps because her hubby was so close to keep her safe ;-)Squatting or standing, the birds didn't care...they were just glad to get the handouts!Love this shot...got the two immature White Ibis (the ones with the light brown coloring) amid the adults...the family that feeds together stays together :DThe Great Blue Heron on the fence never moved, while the Brown Ibis mixed with the geese and White Ibis to get their share.John James Audubon illustrated the Brown Ibis in the early 1800s, as seen in his remarkable collection "The Birds of America" - a book of 435 life-size images.The White Ibis is a coastal species that is white overall with pink facial skin, bill, and legs that turn scarlet during breeding season.The Wood Storks were most impressive with their less than lovely heads and clacking of their beaks as they consumed their treats......but what was most impressive was that these formidable birds were unexpectedly gentle as they literally ate out of Kathy's hand.Despite watching the gentle hand-feeding with Kathy, Sheryl was more comfortable tossing her pieces......which brought the Wood Storks close nonetheless.As unattractive as the Wood Stork is while standing, is as gorgeous as it is in flight. The wonder of nature never ceases to astound me.It was remarkable to watch these wild creatures - otherwise quite skittish around humans - dare to get close for the bread we had to offer......and many of them were willing to take the treats right from Kathy's fingers.Dan was having a one-on-one with this goose, and it actually did let him feed it but my little point-n-shoot couldn't capture it quickly enough......so Dan tried to accommodate me and the goose by getting down on its level...still couldn't snap fast enough :(Is it me or is there more than a glancing similarity between Jim and the Wood Stork?