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9560 NE 28TH LANE
Launching from Ray Wayside, there is a great staging area, and then a channel that leads to the adventure ahead...Kitty and Jack ventured forth.Scott and Lindsay held their own, taking in the details of this beautiful venue.Jack was quite the paddler, taking his vessel through the wet wilderness.It was a truly perfect day to be on the Silver River.The family that plays together... :DSun was bright and shining, giving this little guy a chance to bask.Not the only yakkers enjoying the crystal clear waters, we tipped our hats to others coming and going.Wildlife was abundant, though mostly amphibious, this Saturday.Hitching a ride, Jack communes with a dragonfly.It's truly hard to describe how gorgeous this venue is, but this shot gives some perspective...turquoise below, lush green all around, blue skies above.(Almost) synchronized paddling ;-)Felled trees make for perfect sun bathing perches.Unlike more remote venues, the turtles and alligators on the Silver River are accustomed to human interlopers and allow fairly close observation before fleeing.My photo equipment consists of a point-n-shoot, so I am the zoom-in feature...grateful the creatures accommodate by posing fearlessly.One of the things I love about kayaking is you can be in your own little world, even when you're with others.My paddle companions were a delight to be with......and delighted to be paddling.The expanse we were amid was paradoxically intimate.And then came the dreaded motor boats (I know they have rights, too, but their fumes/noise are so opposing to the serene and pristine environs here).Ahh. Peace again.