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Shortly after bringing them into Club Kitten (a/k/a the Transition Room), the boys settled down to a little nap (Dashiell's in front and you have to look closely to see Winston behind him).Behind the baby gate (topped by a piece o' artboard to keep jumping kittens restrained), Dashiell introduced himself to Oscar de la Yenta.Sweetness right out of the box.What a handsome boy...and a real love muffin, both to his little brother and humans alike. I suspect he will warm his way into the hearts of all his new siblings, as well.Can't tell here, but this little guy is put together by pipe cleaners, he is so wiry and scrappy. He's also a little piggie and is filling out from all the gobbling.Had to make him feel at home (and warm), even though he couldn't be in the Tiki Lounge yet...And now you see how tiny he is ;-) I wanted to capture his size because I know he won't stay small long...he eats incessantly!Club Kitten has all kinds of great rides. So glad I kept these two together.On the other side o' the gate sat the senior members of the clan. Oscar (left) was very interested in the new babies, while Mazy Star was more...disturbed by them. She is mellowing with time.A lot o' mischief in a little package, this one is!And then there's sweet, gentle Dashiell...what a wonderful partner to his active little buddy.For all his energy, when Winston wants love, he balls up like a little round lump...and he is really wantin' love from his new siblings.Not one to sit still for long, Winston makes a break for it......and then makes the rounds...I have long since found a tightly wadded up piece o' paper to be the very best toy for felines...and Winston took to the new game like a pro!The boy was crazy with fun – he chased and batted and flung wads into the air and then did it all again!Meanwhile, dashing Dashiell relaxed under the table and just watched.Giving it his all, Winston was tuckering himself out with his new pastime...Winding down, Winston gave one last effort to engage his big brother......but Dashiell would have nothing of it, and Winston finally gave it up.