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I've come to accept that there will never be COMPLETE harmony among my newly revised family, but every now and then, there is a peaceful moment.

Here are a few of them...
Winston has a sophisticated palate and enjoys cultural flavors...(actually, he'll eat ANYthing)Tiki Kitties :DWintson, the scratching thingy, and Maui the manatee...all essential components of the Tiki Lounge.A rare respite...and the sweet face that has me forgiving him the rest of the time ;-)Is Dashiell not supremely handsome? He loves the Lanai (that's Tiki talk for front porch).He's all about the tropical life!And then there's The Man O' The House...Oscar de la Yenta.That's my foot he's sleeping so soundly upon...keeping me company while I made jewelry (hence the sewing box so aptly covered).You'd be wrapped around his little paw, too, trust me.A human could be very popular if they were this flexible ;-)The biggest kitty in the house, my amazing Akita, Koji, now in her 14th year. I love her sooooo much!My squishy-love boy! He has so captured my heart.He and Maui are close friends...of course, nobody doesn't like Dashiell (if Sara Lee can say it, so can I)!Even Oscar deigns him worthy of being within two feet of His Highness (unlike any of the other felines in the house).There's that squishy look that gets me every time!There is no prohibited place...couldn't make it so even if I wanted to :PWhat is it about a freshly showered human that cats so love?My darling Mazy Star...keeping a low profile from the otherwise high drama created by the new babies.A gorgeous girl, this one is! And the silkiest coat I've ever felt on a cat...xoxoxoxoxo!!He may be the Old Man o' the House, but Oscar's still got a thread of kitten in him (there's a feather thingy underneath) :D