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Did a lot of research before purchasing all the materials for this project. Found out that treated pine (often used for outdoor stuff) is toxic to cats. Cedar, on the other hand, is naturally bug- and weather-resistant. It is, however, more costly, but so very worth it.

Because I turned my living room into a Tiki Lounge a few years back (including building a bar from scratch), I already had all the power tools needed - like a table saw, jig saw, sander, drill - so it was just a matter of creating the "blueprint" and gathering the lumber/screening/hardware. Ordered all the materials online, had some shipped for free, picked up the rest at the store(s) [FYI - Home Depot has better everything than Lowe's...better online options, prices, customer service].

To begin with, galvanized is best, stainless steel is next. Zinc-coated hardware will last fairly long, but will rust. Galvanized should be on par with cockroaches: out-surviving humankind. Since galvanized can be expensive, stainless steel is a good alternative.

Mounting the frame to the wall called for Tapcon and a new bit...that thing ain't comin' down for nothin'! Used DAP Side Winder Advanced Siding & Window Sealant to block insects from wriggling in, since I'll be taking the screens out of the windows once the Catio is complete.

Remembered in Phase 2 (building the "cage" panels) that the dimensions of the boards are NOT true to the description...the REAL measurements of a 1" x 4" are .75" x 3.5" for example...ended up having to make a couple o' shims for the sides, but learned my lesson before cutting the boards for the rest of the cage: measure twice, cut once ;-).


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