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Owner of HAVE KAYAK WILL PADDLE – a personalized kayak tour guide business – I have become impassioned by the sights and scenes on my tours, and record them in great numbers. My camera is simplistic but waterproof (very important feature) and serves its purpose fairly well.

My photos are not in league with the extraordinary presentations of others on this site, but I may be here for a different reason. My intent is simply to pique your interest. It is my belief that you haven't seen Florida until you've seen it from a kayak . . . and we would truly enjoy showing it to you – in person – from that uncommon perspective.

Meanwhile, know that what you see here is what you'd see there . . . and that this does not do that justice.

Paddle On, Garth!
          ~ Kaptain Kayak

P.S. Because I occasionally take shots on land, I've included them on this site as well ;-)

P.S.S. Should you desire a copy of any of my photos, please feel free to email me, as I have very reasonable pricing (including volume discounts for multiple purchases).

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